Argor-Heraeus and its partners share a long-term, non-speculative industrial vision. Thanks to their support, we benefit daily from strategic and operating synergies that give us a global presence in the precious metals industry.


Heraeus, a German multinational, has operated in the precious metals and hi-tech sector for over 160 years. Its principal business areas include biomaterials, medical/dental/pharmaceutical products, quartz technologies, special and platinum group metals, and electronic and automotive parts.

Heraeus has over 13,000 employees at 121 locations throughout the world and holds over 5,900 patents and licenses.

Heraeus provides important synergies at the industrial level and in terms of research and development thanks to the high R&D potential of the group.



Founded in 1870, Commerzbank is one of the most important players on the German market and has branches in over 50 countries. It provides banking and financial services to private, industrial, and institutional customers, and has operated in precious metals trading on the New York, London, Singapore and Luxembourg markets since 1980.

With almost 60,000 employees and a very extensive network of branches in Germany, it has about 15 million private customers and over one million business customers.

As a shareholder, the Bank contributes to the Group’s growth and solidity with its expertise and services, sustaining Argor-Heraeus’s business world-wide.


Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint, with over 800 years of history, is one of the world’s most important mints. It produces Euro coins for the Austrian Republic as well as coins in other currencies and a wide range of collector’s coins and medals, including the famous “Wiener Philharmoniker” in 24k gold or silver, the only European “bullion coin.” 100% controlled by the National Bank, the Mint has over 200 employees and produces about 450 million pieces per year.

Thanks to the Austrian Mint, Argor-Heraeus benefits from synergies in distribution channels and from well-established marketing and commercial know-how.



Management participation in the share capital testifies to the solidity and long-term vision with which the Company’s growth is pursued.