Being responsible in the precious metals industry means going beyond compliance with national and international regulations: it means a daily commitment to ensure that all of our partners are as attentive to sustainability as we are.

This is why Argor-Heraeus subjects all of its partners to a strict selection procedure called Know your customer to verify that all of the metals we process have a certified and transparent origin.

Know your customer means:

  • Systematically gathering information about our partners, their history and principles, and the context in which they work.
  • Applying strict selection parameters.
  • Remaining constantly aware of the socio-political context in which they operate.

A very complex but unavoidable challenge to guarantee that we work with customers that do not exploit labour, that employ adequate means to protect the environment, and do not use revenues to finance illegal or ethically questionable agendas.

The document entitled “Supply chain due diligence policy” describes in real terms how Argor-Heraeus works to guarantee that precious metals come from verified, legal, and ethically irreproachable sources: