Precious metals are a commodity traded 24 hours a day all over the world on markets subject to distinctive pricing dynamics. Our customers have access to international gold, silver, and platinum markets, and benefit from constantly updated information, competitive executions of trading orders, and a wide range of financial services.

In addition, we offer a complete range of physical business services: transportation, insurance, location swaps, quality swaps, as well as conversion of all forms of metal (including scraps) into internationally accepted Good Delivery material or into semi-finished products for industry.

Purchases/Sales (Spot and Forward)

Argor-Heraeus quotes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium spot and forward prices in all major currencies. Metals may be settled in allocated or unallocated accounts at the customer’s bank or at Argor-Heraeus.

It is our policy to provide all services in-house with transparent calculation of costs. Therefore, the price normally includes the costs of production, handling, and any other specified services.


Argor-Heraeus provides hedging facilities for precious metals throughout the production process.