The refining of gold, silver, platinum and palladium is one of Argor-Heraeus’s core activities. To guarantee low refining costs, rapid refining times and the highest possible yields, Argor-Heraeus uses cutting-edge technologies to process mining material and recycle jewellery scraps.

The precious metal can be credited to the metal account at Argor-Heraeus even before it has been fully processed, thereby maximising the customer’s benefit.

Precious metals are refined both electrolytically and chemically.

Electrolysis: gold and silver are refined in fully automated, state of the art electrolysis units that operate 24 hours a day.

Chemical refining: high-tech equipment and complex chemical reactions are used to process almost any kind of metallic material containing precious metals of any composition.

We employ only certified assayers, trained and supervised by the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metals Control, who guarantee the declared standards of purity.


The gold refined at Argor-Heraeus does not merely satisfy LBMA Good Delivery standards in terms of purity (995.0 parts per thousand), but can also reach so-called “four nines” purity (999.9). For special applications, our refining processes can achieve exceptional “five nines” (999.99) purity, the highest on the market. 

Argor-Heraeus accepts material only in metallic form, i.e., from mines, industrial scraps, or recycled gold (such as old jewellery). We accept recycled gold only from institutional operators that pass the strict assessments imposed by our “Know your customer” policy.


We produce both fine silver (999 parts per thousand) for Good Delivery bullion and ultra-fine silver (999.9 parts per thousand).

The silver refined at Argor-Heraeus may come from mines, from the secondary market (scraps), or from recycled material supplied by institutional operators. 


Refined to 999.5 parts per thousand, the platinum refined at Argor-Heraeus comes only from the secondary market, i.e., recycled materials.


The palladium processed at Argor-Heraeus does not come from mining, but only from recycled materials, and is refined to 999.5 parts per thousand.