Our products are a perfect mixture of technology, art, attention to detail, and awareness of the customer’s needs. 

A wide range of cast and coined products bearing our hallmark: the symbol and essence of the values that guide our work, day after day.

Cast bars

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies at Argor-Heraeus SA’s foundry, gold can be melted down with continuous casting processes in addition to traditional casting by rocking and pusher furnaces.
We produce customised bank bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

  Weight g(*) Length mm(*) Width mm(*) Thickness mm(*)
1 1000 116.5 51.0 9.5
2 500 91.0 41.0 7.6
3 250 50.0 30.5 9.0
4 100 45.0 24.0 5.5
5 10 tolas 45.0 26.0 5.9

(*) Approximately

Minted Bars

Our minted bars are elegantly packaged, with each bar attached to a credit-card-size certificate and sealed in an ecocompatible PET blister.

We produce a wide range of minted products in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to satisfy every requirement. In addition, both the bar and the certificate can be customised with the customer’s logo. 

We also offer a multicard with 5 or 10 one-gram bars of gold, platinum, and palladium.

  Weight g(*) Length mm(*) Width mm(*) Tickness mm(*)
1 100 49.7 28.5 3.9
2 50 49.7 28.5 2.0
3 20 40.4 23.3 1.3
4 1 oz 40.4 23.3 1.75
5 10 31.5 18.5 1.0
6 5 23.0 14.0 1.0
7 2 19.0 11.5 0.6
8 1 15.0 8.9 0.5

(*) Approximately

Multicard 5x1g:

Weight: 5 x 1g
Length: 10mm
Width: 10mm
Tickness: 0.7mm

Multicard 10x1g:

Weight: 10 x 1g
Length: 10mm
Width: 10mm
Tickness: 0.7mm


The Kinebar® is a unique, world-wide exclusive on which KINEGRAM® technology (developed jointly by Argor-Heraeus and OVD Kinegram Corp.) is applied to gold bars.
The KINEGRAM® is a high-tech defractive security embossed into the substrate of the bar to create a new and exclusive high-range product: the Kinebar®.

On request, the KINEGRAM® can be applied to the rear of our standard minted gold bars (1 to 20 grams and 1 oz.).

KINEGRAM® is a registered trademark of OVD Kinegram Corp.

Coins and Medals

Minting of coins and medals

The ancient art of coin minting demands not only technical expertise and years of experience, but also patience and love of detail.

Tradition & innovation

Skilled artists prepare and engrave moulds and coining dies in our workshops.

They are assisted by our tooling department, which uses cutting-edge technologies for tool production and hardening processes.