Argor-Heraeus and the commitment for the sustainability of small and artisanal scale mines

Argor-Heraeus has been involved in helping small and artisanal scale mines become more sustainable for a significant time now.

In particular, Argor-Heraeus' involvment relies on two main pillars: Promoting mercury-free extraction activities and helping the mines access the international precious metals market. Two aspects that can lead to significant results in terms of improving local communities health and economic condition.

Phaedon Stamatopoulos, Director of Refining and Bank products at Argor-Heraeus, recently wrote about this topic in an article appeared in "The Guardian". Read the article here.


Precious to us: Argor-Heraeus' new sustainability report now online

"Precious to us" is the tile of Argor-Heraeus' new sustainability report. An expression that wants to capture the firm's approach to sustainability: "what we do in terms of sustainability is as precious as the metals we process". An approach that turns into five commitments that the company makes to all of its stakeholders and society at large.

Completely revised in terms of contents and graphics and prepared according to the most recent GRI guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative), the new report summarizes what has been done by Argor-Heraeus last year and the results achieved as compared with the five commitments.

Click here to read the report!


Acquisition of Argor-Heraeus successfully completed

The acquisition of Argor-Heraeus by Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals (HPM), a member of the Heraeus technological group, has been successfully completed. As part of the operation, announced in April, Heraeus, already joint owner of Argor since 1986, purchases the shares of previous shareholders including Commerzbank and Austrian mint, becoming sole owner and, in fact, the largest provider at global level in the precious metal industry.

The managements of both companies have expressed their great satisfaction with the transaction, in effect since 13 July 2017. In this sense, Christoph Wild, Co-CEO of Argor-Heraeus, stated that Heraeus most definitely represents a solid, responsible and competent partner and that the synergies produced by the strengthened partnership relations will enable the company to successfully pursue its growth. At the same time, Jan Rinnert, CEO and President of Heraeus Holding said how pleased he was to be able to strengthen the relationship of confidence which has existed between the two companies for many years and thereby provide clients with the services of both companies in a complementary way.


Argor-Heraeus and UNIDO together for a better gold

Last July 2016, Argor-Heraeus and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) signed a joint memorandum aiming to reduce the use of mercury in artisanal and small scale mining (More information here). The partnership has already kicked off with two projects, a regional project covering Mongolia and the Philippines, and another in Burkina Faso.

Read the news on UNIDO's website, by clicking here.


Argor-Heraeus awards the prize for the best master’s thesis in Engineering at SUPSI

The Argor-Heraeus prize for the best thesis was awarded to Stefano Lo Russo and Sandro Pitsch during the graduation ceremony of the Master of Science in Engineering at SUPSI held at LAC in Lugano. Now at its seventh edition, the Argor-Heraeus prize is part of a bigger collaboration aimed at supporting high-level education in the Canton.


Heraeus new owner of Argor-Heraeus

Argor-Heraeus Group has a new owner: The global business unit Heraeus Precious Metals (HPM) of technology group Heraeus, which has long been a shareholder of Argor-Heraeus, acquires 100 percent of the shares in the Swiss precious metals processor.


FOLLOWING NATURE – The newly created minted gold bars line “Following Nature” is a story about looking to Nature as an example and being guided by the movement of Earth around the Sun.

Argor-Heraeus is proud to present “Following Nature”: a tribute to Nature. In order to do so, it uses a brand new concept: in addition to the classic products, Argor-Heraeus wants to propose bullion products enriched by colors and seasonal motifs (customizing both the bar and the certificate that accompanies it). The company aims to not only dedicate a product to Nature, but desires to follow the pattern of deadlines that Nature suggests, by considering the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. The company situated in southern Switzerland states: "We will thus create a collection for each of the four seasons and will produce them only during the corresponding season by creating real and proper editions that will not only be limited in time but in number as well. For example, we will produce the spring collection exclusively in the spring, the summer collection only during summer and so on. The beginning of each collection will be the alternation of the solstices and the equinoxes. In conclusion, every year we will present four seasons with new designs in minted gold and individual colors and motifs on the certificate, making each of our seasonal collections unique, just like the seasons we have the pleasure of living and experiencing."

Hence, with the spring equinox 2017 “FOLLOWING NATURE” of Argor-Heraeus will be born.


  • Four new collections each year, one for each season;
  • Each collection is limited in time: The beginning and end of the production are dictated by the equinoxes and solstices.
  • Each collection is limited in number: In 2017, for every weight, and season, 9’999 bars will be produced and sold and further 999 in limited editions in their "Collection Box" will be released at the completion of the collection; in Winter: an elegant box featuring gold bars of all four seasons with the same serial number.
  • Each collection will be unique: the design of each season will not be repeated.
  • The production of the first collection, namely 2017/18, will start with the launch of Spring, March 20th 2017 (Spring equinox)
  • The bars are entirely Swiss made

Watch the YouTube video here.

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