Five new Assayers of Precious Metal in Ticino

We are very proud to announce that two of our collaborators, Mr. Davide Mapelli and Mr. Patrick Platamone, received the diploma of "Assayer of Precious Metal". We would like to congratulate ourselves with them for the prestigious achievement!

During the ceremony, which took place in Bern on December 4th in the presence of Mr. Thomas Brodmann, Head of the Central Office for the Control of Precious Metals, the degree was also awarded to Mrs. Alessia Sironi, Mr. Michele Galante and Mr. Davide Rota, all active in the precious metal industry in Ticino. Our most sincere congratulations to all of them!


Major security exercise at the headquartes of Argor-Heraeus in Mendrisio (photo gallery)

Last Sunday, 22 november, we organized a major security exercise in collaboration with Firefighters, Police and Ambulance (more information in the press release, ITA).

Here below some photos of the day.


Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard visits Argor-Heraeus Latin America

Recently, during an offical work visit, Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard, Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, visited our Latin-American branch in Santiago de Chile.

The visit was an opportunity to show to the Federal Councillor the new production plant as well as to share Argor-Heraeus' latest development projects in the South American market.

More information about the visit can be found in the press release: ITA or FRA.

In the picture, from left to right: Christoph Wild, Co-CEO of Argor-Heraeus; Max Oemick, General Manager Argor-Heraeus Latin America; Graciela Ortúzar Novoa, Major of Lampa; Doris Leuthard, Federal Councillor, Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications; Ignacio Moreno Fernández, Vice-Minister of Mines; Edgar Dörig, Swiss Ambassador for the Republic of Chile; Wilfried Hörner, Co-CEO of Argor-Heraeus.


Sunday 22 November - Major security exercise at the headquartes of Argor-Heraeus in Mendrisio

On the morning of Sunday 22 November there will be a major security exercise at the headquarters of Argor-Heraeus in Mendrisio, which will involve approximately 35 employees of the company, 90 Firefighters from Mendrisio and Lugano as well as police and ambulance.

Argor-Heraeus holds periodically and on a voluntary basis such exercises to ensure maximum safety in the production site and to protect the entire population, as well as to improve the already remarkable collaboration with firefighters, ambulance and police. A collaboration that has continued for many years.

In the morning, approximately from 8:30 to 10:30, via Moree will remain partially closed to traffic.

More information can be found in the press release link (ITA).


Supporting young graduates

To mark its first year of life, the association 18-24 (website), an association that aims to help young graduates from professional schools in finding a job, has realized a nice video to sum up the past year and thank the municipalities and companies supporting the initiative, among which also Argor-Heraeus.

You can view the video on our YouTube channel by clicking here.


Argor-Heraeus opens its new production plant in Chile

In the presence of prominent figures from Chile's economic and political world, last June Argor-Heraeus inaugurated  in Santiago de Chile its new plant for the processing of precious metals. A historic moment for the company that, through this project, confirms also overseas his vocation for growth and sustainable development.

Click here to read the press release.


Argor-Heraeus Group's Sustainability Report now online!

The 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report of the Argor-Heraeus Group in online! In its pages, the document details the firm's daily efforts to be economically, socially and environmentally responsible. Click here to read the report!

By clicking here it is also possible to watch a short video summarizing in a few minutes the key contents of the report and the approach of the firm toward sustainability.


Video presentation of the Sustainability Report 2014

Now available our video presentation of the Sustainability Report that shows our efforts and approach to sustainability, presenting the main results achieved by the company in terms of economic, environmental and social responsibility in 2014.

Watch the video.


For a less distorted view of the precious metals industry

Argor-Heraeus’ stance on the recent accusations targeting the precious metals industry. Read here.


Argor-Heraeus communicates that it doesn't have, and never had in the past, any business relationship with the company Emgoldex. Argor-Heraeus does not support Emgoldex's sales model and is not involved with it in any way.


Start seeding Gold now! with the GOLDSEED bar dispenser, the first of its kind worldwide.

At its launch at the World Money Fair in Berlin (30.01-01.02.2015), Argor-Heraeus’ innovative product GOLDSEED was received with much amazement and acclaim.

The product is a disc-shaped dispenser made from high-quality polycarbonate, holding 10 individually minted 24K 1g gold bars and a certificate.

Besides the 24K gold, which stems from Argor-Heraeus’ in-house refinement and production, GOLDSEED combines materials and technical and esthetic features carefully developed and produced exclusively in Switzerland.

GOLDSEED is unique and therefore singular. The “d” in the logo stylizes a seed and is printed in hotfoil gold, highlighting the 10 individually minted 24 K gold bars.

In rotating the disc one can easily remove and put back the individual gold bars.

Like any product of high security, GOLDSEED has a breakable polycarbonate seal and an additional adhesive seal, guaranteeing that no rotation or extraction has been made prior to delivery.

On the back of the product we placed an instruction sticker. Keeping esthetics in mind, its electrostatic application allows for easy removal, leaving no residual traces.

GOLDSEED gives anyone the experience of holding their very own Finegold bar in their hands without damaging packaging or certificate. It will become a household staple for every gold collector/enthusiast.

The saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold”…. in this case it is! and it’s certified!

Watch the video:


Argor-Heraeus awards the prize for the best master’s thesis in Engineering at SUPSI

The Argor-Heraeus prize for the best thesis was awarded to Paolo Matarrese during the graduation ceremony of the Master of Science in Engineering at SUPSI. Now at its fifth edition, the Argor-Heraeus prize is part of a bigger collaboration aimed at supporting high-level education in the Canton.

Foto premiazione

Argor-Heraeus - Official Stance

The Swiss Attorney General definitively dropped its case against Argor-Heraeus on 10 March 2015. In its investigation, the Attorney General concluded that the allegations of money laundering and intentional assistance with war crimes are without foundation. Argor-Heraeus welcomes this decision.